OEM Custom Products

This information is for OEM Custom products. If you are interested in Consumer products and information please click on the Standard Matrikx Filters link above.

KXT partners with you to develop proprietary, patented filtration solutions for your custom application. With our technological expertise we provide you with custom products for appliances and industrial purposes, as well as extruded carbon filtration cartridges and systems for numerous residential and commercial applications. Our patented designs allow greater market opportunities and improved geometries resulting in exceptional structural integrity and ergonometric designs for ease of use in all applications.

We sell more carbon filters to more OEMs than anyone in the world. From the design through prototype development and product testing to delivery of the finished product, KX will work with you every step of the way to customize a solution to fit your exact filtration needs. All of our products undergo preliminary testing prior to certification, and are subjected to rigorous production and quality assurance programs to validate critical health claims. We are backed by NSF testing requirements and certifications for superior extraction and structural and seal integrity.