History Of Innovation

KX Technologies holds hundreds of patents and trademarks in custom filtration technologies and systems. Here are some of our accomplishments and innovations in filtration technology:

Process for producing Fibrillated Fibers
Push Filter with Floating Key Lock
First to extrude activated carbon block filters
First miniature “critical health claim” faucet mount water filter
First miniature “critical health claim” refrigerator cup water filter
Introduced PLEKX® filtration
First refrigerator cassette water filter
First installed refrigerator air/odor filter
First cassette water cooler filter
First OEM POU water filter with microbiological health claims
First refrigerator water filter with microbiological health claims
Filter Media with Enhanced Microbiological Interception Capability
Patented rotary valves
EASE™ Automated Service
Electronic controls with wireless monitoring
Advanced algorithms for operating excellence
Electronic monitoring for water quality
Encapsulated / proprietary replacement filter system
Manifold design for water management
Multi-stage / multi-filter capability
Integrated compact Reverse Osmosis design