In 2021, an estimated 9.2 million lead pipes were still in use, serving American homes.

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (October 18, 2023) – 🚨 Important Environmental Report Alert! 🚨 The Environmental Protection Agency has released a groundbreaking assessment on lead pipe infrastructure in the United States, and the findings are eye-opening.

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In 2021, an estimated 9.2 million lead pipes were still in use, serving American homes.

The report highlights that over 9% of the national service line infrastructure is made up of lead service lines, posing a significant risk to our drinking water.

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Lead exposure can have severe health consequences, with no safe levels in children’s blood, affecting their behavior, IQ, and growth. It also impacts adults’ cardiovascular health and kidney function, and even leads to premature births in pregnant women.

Interestingly, the bulk of lead pipe infrastructure is concentrated in specific states, with Florida leading the pack at 12.6%. Over 50% of these lines are in six states: Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New York. Meanwhile, lead service lines are rare west of the Mississippi River, except for Texas.

The EPA and the Biden Administration are taking action to address this issue by planning to replace all lead service lines within a decade, thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. However, the cost is substantial, with an estimated $625 billion needed over the next two decades to fix our drinking water infrastructure.

It’s crucial to note that lead exposure disproportionately affects certain demographics, such as non-Hispanic Black or African American children and those living in impoverished areas. While the Safe Drinking Water Act strives to provide contaminant-free water, large-scale issues with distribution systems continue to persist, leading to crises in various communities across the nation.


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